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Songbird Therapy is a modern provider of in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in San Diego, California— our best-in-class therapists come to you.
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About our San Diego autism care and ABA therapy programs

Songbird provides ABA therapy for children in their own home, where they’re most comfortable. We’ve seen how our modern and tailored approach can be life-changing. Your Songbird therapist is like family: someone who will stop at nothing to see your child succeed and grow.

The Songbird Approach to autism diagnosis and personalized ABA therapy

To help families access care, Songbird Therapy offers free in-home autism diagnostic evaluations in some states. We take an individualized approach to autism care, designing care plans based on each child's unique abilities and goals.

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Meet Our Team

Meet our world-class San Diego ABA therapists

Breanna Mottau, MA BCBA

Songbird Therapy,

Emily Schuman, M.Ed BCBA

Songbird Therapy,

Laura Ackerman, MA BCBA

Songbird Therapy,

Jessica Taylor Díaz, M.Ed BCBA

Songbird Therapy,
Meet Our Team

Exceptional in-home care, throughout the San Diego region

"It is wonderful to have people who understand Brielle and help her grow instead of judge her. As parents that is the number one blessing we can ask for."


"Diya's language skills have blossomed. She has an air of confidence about her that I haven't seen before. The patience and dedication to these children is amazing."


"It was such a relief not needing to sit on a waitlist for months. My husband and I felt supported throughout the entire process."


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