Our approach uplifts therapists

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“Songbird focuses on ethics, doing what is right for families, and listening to feedback. It's so incredible to be a part of a company that is focused on respecting clients"

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

"I’ve worked at four ABA companies and Songbird is the best I’ve worked for. Great work environment. Lots of growth opportunities and constant team support"

Registered Behavior Technician

"Songbird is by far the most professional and technologically advanced company. They treat you as an employee, and the perks and benefits are just as great! I feel valued and cared for"

Registered Behavior Technician

"Clinicians are respected, heard, and caseloads are manageable. There is transparency across the company, and all departments have a clear picture of where the company is going”

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

An environment that supports you

From reducing burnout, to dealing with insurance and scheduling, to drive-time—we're doing things differently.

Focus on clients

We handle insurance, paperwork, and scheduling, so you can focus on care.

Flexible work

Our tech-forward care model allows for flexible work, and we minimize drive time.

Innovative care model

Join a team transforming autism care with thoughtful technology.

We uplift our therapists with  full-time benefits

We believe that supporting our therapists is the single best way we can support children and families — and we're all-in on it.
Training and career development
Medical, dental and vision insurance
Paid time off and sick days
Travel reimbursement
Paid time off and sick days

We care for you, so you can care for families

We believe that supporting our therapists is the single best way we can support children and families — and we're all-in on it.

Career Growth

  • Leadership and advancement opportunities
  • Rapidly growing team
  • Mentorship from top clinical advisors

Industry-leading Benefits

  • Highly-competitive salary
  • Comprehensive benefits (health, dental, vision, life)
  • Bonus structure that inspires clinical excellence

Purposeful culture

  • Children and families always come first
  • We rise by uplifting others
  • We embrace playfulness and adventure

Top clinical advisors and founding clinicians

Our Values

For many of us, children's behavioral health is personal. We're a mission-driven team, guided by our values.

Families first

To make any decision, we ask ourselves: Would we want this for our own children and families?

We rise by uplifting others

We enable each other's strengths and interests because we care.

We move with urgency

We match families' own urgency to access early intervention—every minute counts.`

Take ownership

We're hungry for impact and improving, believing that nothing at Songbird is somebody else’s problem.

Embrace playfulness

We bring gratitude, humor, and joy into our work, which we see as an end in itself.

Let's transform autism care together

We're partnering with experienced and passionate therapists and behavior analysts to transform the lives of children and families.