Every child deserves world-class care

We're setting a higher standard for children's autism care, bringing together the very best therapists and modern tools and support. We're building a world where every child has access to holistic care uniquely tailored to them.

No family should have to go it alone

In our own families, we saw how hard it was to navigate behavioral health challenges. We believe in supporting and honoring the families who support children. Families partner with a full Songbird care team across a child's needs for convenient in-home care. Families also get anytime messaging, peer support, their own app, and more.
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Life-changing therapists your child will love

We believe a child's growth depends on relationships with people who care deeply for them. Your Songbird therapist is an extension of your family: Someone with deep personal care for your child who will stop at nothing to see them thrive and grow. And our model is guided by world experts from University of Pennsylvania and University of Florida.

Personalized care, conveniently in-home

Your Songbird Therapist meets you where you are—with care tailored to your child’s strengths. We know commuting to a clinic can be stressful, so we offer care in your own home, where your child can thrive. 

The story of our name

At Songbird, many of the children we support are still building speech, communication, and social skills—foundational skills for a lifetime to come. Our name, Songbird, speaks to our mission of supporting children in building these foundational skills and giving them voice. And doing so through modern, naturalistic care that can be so impactful.

Guided by leading clinicians and advisors

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