Our approach uplifts therapists

As a therapist or behavior analyst, you entered this field because you love seeing children thrive. Songbird supports you, so you can support families.


An environment that supports you

From reducing burnout, to dealing with insurance and scheduling, to drive-time—we're doing things differently.

Focus on clients

We handle insurance, paperwork, and scheduling, so you can focus on care.

Flexible work

Our tech-forward care model allows for flexible work, and we minimize drive time.

Innovative care model

Join a team transforming autism care with thoughtful technology.

We care for you, so you can care for families

We believe that supporting our therapists is the single best way we can support children and families — and we're all-in on it.


Leadership and advancement opportunities
Rapidly growing team
Mentorship from top clinical advisors

Industry-leading benefits

Highly-competitive compensation.
Comprehensive benefits
(health, dental, vision, life)
Bonus structure that inspires clinical excellence

Purposeful culture

Children and families always come first
We rise by uplifting others
We embrace playfulness and adventure

Top clinical advisors and founding clinicians

Let's transform autism care together

We're partnering with experienced and passionate therapists and behavior analysts to transform the lives of children and families.