Does Humana Cover ABA Therapy?

Reviewed by:
Hannah Andreasen

March 28, 2022

Yes, Humana covers autism and ABA therapy costs in their medical policies.

Humana includes ABA therapy as a part of their insurance plans.

Mental and behavioral health therapies are now recognized as necessary under health insurance plans due to the Affordable Care Act. Humana is one of the most well-known health insurance companies in the United States. It is a Medicare advantage - health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, and private fees for service provider, and it also has a Medicare-approved prescription drug plan.

  • Humana is also an integrated care institution with a medicare agreement and a medicaid contract. Contract renewal is required for enrollment in any Humana plan.
  • They offer free interpreting services in a variety of languages.
  • Online visit healthcare and pharmaceutical services offered by remote access technologies and communications have different restrictions.
  • Each plan contributes a defined proportion of costs for the insured participant. Details may differ depending on your plan.
  • Personalized treatment focuses on the complete individual, including their body and psyche. 

Individuals and families must fulfill their premiums first before Humana will cover additional costs for ABA therapy services. In order to receive coverage, ABA therapy must be declared medically necessary by a medical doctor, psychologist or psychologist.

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