Does United Healthcare Cover ABA Therapy?

Reviewed by:
Hannah Andreasen

March 28, 2022

Yes, United Healthcare provides coverage for medically essential behavioral therapies based on ABA principles and related structured behavioral regimens.

According to studies, ABA therapy programs are the best ones to help children with autism. They assist in the following:

  • Increased communication and language skills
  • Improved social skills, attention, focus, academics, and memory
  • Decreased repetitive behaviors. 

The national health insurance provider now covers all costs for ABA therapy as one of the standard benefits. A team of expert professionals deals with all the fields related to ABA therapy including autism coverage. At United Healthcare, the benefit coverage is expanded to new and renewing fully insured small and large group plans.

Benefits of United Healthcare’s ABA therapy plans

The main benefits of the health insurance provider’s ABA therapy are as follows;

  • An improved healthcare system and mission that makes the work better for everyone.
  • Risk identification and integrated therapies to ensure the right care for people with substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Priority to recovery and well-being of the families and individuals served under United Healthcare.  
  • Improved quality, cost-effectiveness, and care delivery in the health system.
  • Dedicated clinical team with experience in autism and ABA training. 
  • Doctors and supervising managers to monitor the therapies. 

United Healthcare covers an ABA therapy plan that includes all the above services and benefits. It involves several techniques for changing and understanding behavior. This enables a flexible ABA therapy for the children. 

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