RBT Job Description: 8 Key Responsibilities

Reviewed by:
Hannah Andreasen

May 17, 2022

The RBT job description involves providing high quality Autism therapy to individuals on the Autism spectrum. To be a successful technician, one must possess written and verbal communication skills, strong collaboration skills, and interpersonal interaction skills.

Who is a registered behavior technician?

A registered behavior technician, or RBT, implements care plans for children on the spectrum. RBTs also assist with the delivery of behavior analysis services and practices under the guidance and supervision of a BCBA. 

These professionals care for children with a wide range of behavioral challenges and collaborate with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. They assist in the implementation of care plans and work with children one-on-one in clinics, hospitals, schools, mental health facilities, or their own homes.

RBTs use techniques taught by BCBAs to make life improvements for children. They facilitate behavior change by modifying maladaptive behaviors and replacing them with appropriate behaviors.

Daily duties of a registered behavior technician

An RBT is in charge of carrying out a behavioral health plan on a daily basis, which includes interviewing patients, performing follow-ups, and collecting data. They also communicate directly with BCBAs, individuals with Autism, and engage with family members. 

Their responsibilities include:

  1. Follow behavioral health plans developed by a BCBA  to provide beneficial and effective care to patients.
  2. Participate in counseling and meeting sessions
  3. Answer questions from children and their families
  4. Assist children with day-to-day tasks
  5. Observe child behaviors to collect data
  6. Teach specific skills required for skill acquisition and maladaptive behavior reduction
  7. Nurture a child’s social abilities
  8. Inform parents and other caregivers about behavioral intervention findings

Responsibilities of an RBT

 Some of the most important RBT job responsibilities include:

  • Family counseling

When families are dealing with the stresses and challenges of children on the spectrum, the registered behavioral technician (in collaboration with a BCBA) assists in developing a healthy daily protocol that may include role-playing, empathic training, and developing open communication for all parties involved. 

  • Behavior reduction

An RBT seeks to reduce certain maladaptive behaviors under the supervision and direction of a BCBA.  The RBT must be able to follow the behavior reduction protocol created by the BCBA.

  • Documentation and reporting

Since the RBT collaborates with a BCBA, it is important that all members of the care team keep accurate records and report results and data. These recordings can help determine which aspects of treatment are working and which are not.

RBT certification requirements

To become an RBT, there are a few requirements. All applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old to participate
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete 40 hours of training under the supervision of a BCBA, BCaBA, or BCBA-D
  • Undergo a background check within 180 days of completing the RBT certification application
  • Complete and pass the RBT Competency Assessment, which involves an assessor watching and rating an applicant’s performance on RBT exercises (in person, live via the internet, or through recorded videos)
  • Pass the RBT exam, which consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that measure an applicant's understanding of the RBT Task List
  • Follow the RBT Ethics Code


Becoming an RBT may be a good fit for someone seeking a profession that is both demanding and gratifying. Understanding the RBT job description can assist prospective technicians in determining whether they will find the job rewarding. 

Each of the RBT responsibilities consists of smaller, specific steps designed to achieve greater goals; once a large number of these smaller goals have been met, broader goals can then be achieved. 

Songbird Therapy is a technology-enabled provider setting a higher standard for children’s autism care. With a deeply passionate team and innovative technology, we’re building a world where every child can access world-class care at home, uniquely tailored to them. If you are an RBT looking to help provide children’s autism care, contact us to learn how you can join the team.