RBT Training Online: 4 Top Programs To Consider

Reviewed by:
Hannah Andreasen

June 4, 2022

RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) training can be completed online and covers all tasks included on the Behavior Analysis Certification Board’s (BACB) RBT Task List. This Task List is a valuable resource that highlights various RBT job duties necessary to provide valuable and high-quality services to families. 

Before taking the competency assessment and written examination for certification, Registered Behavior Technicians must complete rigorous training under the close supervision of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). To provide an accessible alternative, the organization has developed online RBT training to ensure that every candidate has the opportunity to learn the proper procedures to acquire official certification.

What are the benefits of RBT training online?

RBT training on the web delivers the same quality education as in-person classes. However, modules are mostly limited to visuals, while face-to-face classes participate in more visual and auditory activities, including acting out interactions. 

The actual training process involves a member of the staff development team following a guided script, referencing past modules for the trainee's recollection. Next, the student answers discussion questions on the topic and conducts hands-on training to understand the concept.

While attending the RBT online training module, students are expected to overcome challenges and master the following:

  • Preparing and implementing continuous measurement procedures
  • Conducting selection assessments and assisting with individualized assessment methods
  • Employing methods of appropriate reinforcement
  • Implementing discrete-trial and naturalistic teaching procedures
  • Examine chaining procedures, discrimination training, stimulus control procedures, and conception and maintenance procedures
  • Prepare and implement continuous measurement procedures
  • Learning strategies for making instruction fun for children with activities
  • Describe standard functions of behavior
  • Establish interventions based on motivations, incentives, and other criteria
  • Implementing differential support procedures such as DRA, DRI, and DRO
  • Communicating with supervisors
  • Generating objective session notes
  • Communicating with the child’s family members, caregivers, or other authorized parties
  • Maintaining the child’s dignity and privacy

Furthermore, RBT training online is broken up into "hybrid sequences," meaning learners go through a combination of module-based learning like traditional textbook-style learning as well as the hands-on training related to the aforementioned topics. Trainees proceed from course to course upon completion of the previous content.

Hands-on training sessions are simulated during sessions with an online instructor, with the teacher representing a child in relevant scenarios. This method directly reflects established requirements for the RBT exam, so trainees are receiving quality preparation for certification.

A guide to the RBT exam

The exam focuses on the RBT Task List. For best results, take the time to fully understand the material and develop effective study habits. 

The RBT online training will offer some guidance, support, and encouragement along the way. They generally offer assistance with study activities by:  

  • Acting as a study partner and quizzing trainees before the big day
  • Reinforcing study tools like flashcards and practice exams
  • Implementing discrete-trial teaching procedures and naturalistic teaching procedures
  • Delivering activities based on motivations, support, and other morale boosters

At the end of each training session, instructors give trainees input on how they performed. If minor adjustments are needed, they will run through those specific targets to assist the trainee in advancing to the next session. 

In the event more assistance is necessary, additional one-on-one training will be provided to ensure that they are fully prepared for the next module.

Detailed Information on the RBT exam

The RBT exam gauges a trainee's ability to execute the six primary duties of a Registered Behavior Technician(RBT) as specified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The RBT online training is based on the task list, so candidates should be familiar with these concepts and expectations.

To meet the qualifications to take the exam, candidates must have: 

  • Achieved a high school diploma or GED
  • Passed a background inspection
  • Completed the training module
  • Participated in a competency assessment

The time allotted for completing the exam is 90 minutes. There are 85 computer-based questions on the RBT exam, 75 of which count toward the final score. The other ten are considered unweighted because they assist the BACB in improving the examination in the future.
The questions are split into sections based on the six primary duties of an RBT: 

  • 10 questions on measurement
  • 8 questions on the assessment
  • 24 questions on skill acquisition
  • 12 questions on behavior reduction
  • 10 questions on documentation and reporting 
  • 11 questions on professional conduct and range of practice

They are multiple-choice questions with one correct answer.

How to choose the best method for RBT training

A registered behavior technician (RBT) works directly with children on the autism spectrum and sometimes directly with their parents. However, it is not a simple task to become a certified RBT. The candidate must go through a 40-hour-long RBT training online course to master the knowledge included in the test. However, finding a proper training center can be challenging. 

Here are agencies that can help locate proper RBT training online courses:

  • An Employer: If you already work in a clinic, school, or private therapy business and have some experience in ABA therapy, you can ask your employer about RBT training programs. Many companies want you to participate in training because better-trained employees are beneficial additions to their workforce. They may even offer to assist with fees or even pay for the entire course.
  • Training Company: Whether or not you already work as an ABA therapist through an established company, you can find opportunities through a qualified training company. Numerous companies offer suitable online courses, both live or ones you can complete at your own pace. The added versatility can help when working a busy schedule or pursuing another degree program while undergoing this training.
  • University coursework: If you pursue a bachelor's degree in education or psychology, your school may offer a related course track that provides RBT training hours. Once you conclude the course, you can sign up for the board certification examination. However, you may need to complete the rest of your degree program before taking the exam.

Here are four quality RBT training course options that can be completed online:

  1. Autism Partner Foundation - Free

This training includes all of the items on the RBT 2nd edition task list but also provides in-depth additional information on curriculum and parent support. The Autism Parter Foundation stands to provide free training so that aspiring RBTs and families can afford to receive quality training.

  1. RBT Online Training - $30

This training includes online modules, activities and assignments.  It also includes a final exam at the end of the course.  One can also purchase study guides, mock examples or additional study courses.

  1. Behavior University - $69

This training includes online modules for the basic RBT task list lessons and the option to pay more for RBT test preparation.

  1. Relias Academy - $99

This training includes all of the items on the RBT 2nd edition task list but also provides in-depth additional information on different training strategies. It also includes a free practice exam.


An excellent online training program delivers essential components such as scenario-based teaching and multimodal education like video-based training and learning activities. Moreover, it should be hosted on an easy-to-use platform. Providing training for the RBT certification can help satisfy the field's need for more RBTs while also assuring the quality of their education.

If you are looking to become an RBT to help provide children’s autism care, contact us to learn how you can join the team. Songbird Therapy is a technology-enabled provider setting a higher standard for children’s autism care. With a deeply passionate team and innovative technology, we’re building a world where every child can access world-class care at home, uniquely tailored to them.