Coming soon. Today, Songbird only provides autism diagnostic evaluations in select regions.

Autism evaluation & diagnosis — without the wait

Songbird offers autism diagnostic evaluations, without a waitlist. Our world-class therapists get you accurate, holistic answers to understanding your child.

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The Songbird Journey

We start autism diagnostic evaluations in just weeks, not months, because we know early care can be life-changing.

Free Songbird consultation

We’ll learn about your child’s unique strengths and goals.

Comprehensive Autism Assessment

We’ll conduct a detailed interview and observation based on the ADOS, getting to know your child.

Reviewing Results

We’ll meet with you to review  the evaluation results. If applicable, we’ll send a list of referrals for care.
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We’re elevating the standard in autism evaluation & diagnosis

World-class therapists

Therapy team leads with 6+ average years of experience in ABA.

Answers without the wait

Profoundly important evaluation in weeks, not months

Family-centered, always

Dedicated personal support and guidance for the entire family, 24/7

Backed by world-experts

A model that’s backed by world-experts in autism care, with thoughtful tools for support.

Comprehensive answers

Modern and evidence-backed comprehensive autism evaluations, to truly understand your child.

Naturalistic approach

Convenient evaluations in your child’s natural environment, where they’re most comfortable.

We know world-class care can transform lives.

We know world-class care can transform lives.

Over 90%

Songbird families who would recommend Songbird to others.

4 times

Faster average time to starting care, compared to other teams.

Over 80%

Songbird families see their child master over 80% of therapy plan goals in their first 6 months of care.

Our core beliefs guide our approach to care

we believe...

Every child deserves world-class care.

We set a higher standard of care in everything we do. Your child’s evaluation is from the best therapists, with modern approaches.

Your child is so much more than a diagnosis

We truly understand your child’s intrinsic goals, interests, and strengths to deliver the most accurate evaluation.

The best way to support children is to support families

We provide holistic care for families and the therapists who support them.

Our core beliefs guide our approach to care

We’ve know how important it is to have answers.

Lifetime growth can come from deeply understanding the way your child thinks and learns best. That understanding can profound care with enduring impact.


Personalized care can build  foundational language and communication skills.

Life skills

Care can help build foundational life skills, like dressing, bathing, sleeping, and toileting.


With an understanding of your child’s strengths, they can build  foundational school-readiness skills.

Social skills

Care builds social skills that support playing with other children, building connection.


By building communication skills and toolkit, care can reduce challenging behavior


Early care can build the skills for your child to thrive with fewer supports.

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